Discover a World of Possibilities where Convenience meets Security.

Take control of your finances and experience the power of your wallet with TingoPay.

Top Up

Stay connected and recharge instantly.

Bill Payment

Pay your bills with just a few clicks.


Send money securely to anyone at anytime.

Voucher Cards

Get fantastic perks with our exclusive voucher cards.

Virtual Cards

Experience secure online payments with our virtual cards.
Be the Superhero of your Finances...
Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

Experience personalized finance and get instant access to your money at anytime, anywhere.

Bill Payment

Managing your bills has never been easier. Streamline your bill payments, and stay on track with your financial commitments conveniently.

Send and Receive

Simple and secure way to send and receive money from family and friends.

Top Up

Stay connected with your loved ones and recharge your airtime and data seamlessly.


Enjoy exclusive rewards and discounts, making every purchase an exciting opportunity. Start your financial adventure with us today and enjoy the freedom & flexibility that Tingo cards offer. 

Voucher Cards

Your key to unlocking a world of seamless payments awaits! Enjoy the flexibility, security, and simplicity of our Tingo Voucher card. Get physical and virtual voucher cards as a gift for loved ones, colleagues, or business partners.

Tingo Visa Cards

Experience the convenience of cashless transactions with widespread global acceptance. Get a virtual card with just one click and request a physical card delivered to your doorstep.


TingoPay uses industry-standard encryption protocols to ensure your personal and financial information remains safe and confidential at all times.

Two-factor Authentication

Protect your account with an extra layer of security through Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Get enhanced protection against unauthorized transactions with 2FA enabled.

Biometric Authentication

No more worries about forgotten passwords or the risk of unauthorized access and identity theft. Log in with your fingerprint or facial recognition and verify your identity effortlessly.

Encrypted Data

Our encryption protocols provide an additional layer of protection against cyber threats and data breaches. With encrypted data, your privacy is safeguarded at all times.

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